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About Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung / FES

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in berlin, ©Heike Waechter

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is a non-profit German political foundation committed to the advancement of public policy issues in the spirit of the basic values of social democracy through education, research, and international cooperation. The foundation, headquartered in Bonn and Berlin, was founded in 1925 and is named after Friedrich Ebert, Germany's first democratically elected president.

Today, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation has six adult education centers and 13 regional offices throughout Germany, maintains branch offices in over 90 countries and carries out activities in more than 100 countries.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is part of the network of German political foundations. Here are some main focal points in Germany and worldwide. You will also find information on the foundations vast research system and some information on Friedrich Ebert.

Focus in Germany

  • Focusing on a fair society, on innovation and the future, and creating an active democracy
  • Public educational programs in Germany
  • Research on and scientific analysis of central policy areas
  • Dialogue and interchange between social and political actors
  • Scholarship programs for students and Ph.D. Candidates

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  • The large network of FES-offices is one of the most important non-governmental global infrastructures for democracy promotion and international dialogue on central topics of international politics, globalization and the economic, social and political development in the world.
  • Other important fields of interest are: the process of European integration, the advancement of the transatlantic relationship, and the reform of Global Governance.
  • To find out more about the numerous international activities of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation go to our Links page and visit our offices worldwide.

For more information see also our FES Info-Flyer.

Library and Archive

The FES library is one of the world's most important scientific specialist libraries for:

  • historical and contemporary developments of the German and international labor movement
  • German and international social history
  • Current publications of political parties and trade unions in Germany and other countries

Many publications and texts are available online through the FES library online-portal.
The Library is located in Bonn, Germany.
Inquiries can be made by e-mail: ausleihe[at]fes.de.

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