What might a post-Trump American foreign policy look like under a Democratic administration?


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Joe Biden could be elected President of the United States in November 2020, and already he faces unprecedented foreign policy challenges: taking U.S. foreign policy beyond the dysfunction of the past twenty years, responding to largest truly global crisis in living memory in the Coronavirus pandemic, and mending the severe institutional and reputational damage caused by the Trump administration. 

If elected, Joe Biden will not supervise an impossible restoration to a pre-Trump, pre-COVID-19 status quo. He will have to confront new great power competition as well as expand the definition of what constitutes national security. 

The likely shift in Biden’s own policy platform to accommodate and unite the divergent wings of the Democratic Party while responding to the challenges of a global pandemic will have an impact on the goals of U.S. foreign policy in the near term, including the status of the transatlantic relationship. Ultimately, Biden must forge a new political consensus with partners that outlasts the term of a single American President. 

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