Looking For America

How can Americans find a shared identity together? What does it mean to be an American? What is the common thing that binds Americans together, that can be a source of pride and agreement?

We partnered with Philippa Hughes of CuriosityConnects.us to bring people from across the political spectrum and across the country together for conversations on current affairs and identity in the United States in search of answers to those questions. We were Looking for America

View highlights of this summer’s conversations on what the U.S. government is doing for individuals during COVID-19, Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter, and the lessons that could be learned from the pandemic. Hear from “real” Americans, unfiltered by media and politicians.

If you want to talk to someone with different views and experiences, we can help facilitate discussion. Learn more at curiosityconnects.us and email hello(at)weshouldtalk.today.

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Are there any persuadable voters left in the US?

‘White working-class men’ are seen as the hard core of Trump’s support, yet a big group of working-class voters—black, brown and white—are...

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Reviving transatlantic relations after Trump

If Joe Biden were to win the White House, transatlantic relations could return to default or be transformed—with much depending on how Europe reacted.

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Halbzeitbilanz: So lief der Parteitag der US-Demokraten bisher

Die Hälfte des virtuellen Parteitags der US-Demokraten ist vorbei, Joe Biden als Präsidentschaftskandidat nominiert. Aber berührt er auch die Herzen...

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