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When Uncle Sam stays at home

Trump’s ‘America First’ policy is prompting other countries to take leadership on an array of issues – and that’s no bad thing

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What is to be Done? Germany between Islamic Extremism and Islamophobia

An Action Plan submitted by a commission established by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

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Equal pay? Happy days

The #MeToo movement and the global financial recovery | By Christine Lagarde and Erna Solberg

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Iron Fist, Velvet Glove

Trump’s Maiden State of the Union Address Pleaded for Unity – and Unprecedented Presidential Powers



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Providing Security in Times of Uncertainty

Opting for a Mosaic Security System

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Germany and the US in the age of Trump

Why the transatlantic relationship is still worth fighting for - By Pia Bungarten, Michèle Auga, Michael Meier, and Jochen Steinhilber

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A dictator in the White House?

Russia, Venezuela and Turkey show how autocratic leaders can turn democracies into their own playthings. US Democrats, be warned!

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Relationship status: It’s complicated

The transatlantic partnership can no longer be taken as a given. Europe needs to become master of its own destiny - By Arne Lietz

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Progressive Policymaking in a Changing Region:

Insights from the third American-German-Israeli Trialogue; Berlin, June 2017

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Who governs the internet? Players and fields of action

How should the internet be regulated in order to be an important component of a good society? And who should be responsible?

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