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The Washington Office coordinates programs in the US and Canada. To be able to work more effectively and sustainably in Canada, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation established a Liaison Officer in Canada in 2008, the only German political foundation to do so at the time. The Foundation’s objectives in Canada are to:

  • Build and maintain a network of partners and key individuals in the realm of Parliament, government, academia, think tanks, NGOs, international organizations, and the media.
  • Develop and organize conferences and seminars on themes that are important to both Germans/Europeans and Canadians, including on politics, society, economics, history or the environment.
  • Research and analyse political information from Canada for its Washington office and its Berlin headquarters.

Every year, FES Canada co-organizes a number of events with Canadian partners, some as expert meetings, some as public discussions. Topics have ranged from the Canada-EU trade agreement CETA, to multilateralism in international affairs, to the three Es (energy, economy and environment), to the Arctic as a national versus international space.


1989 | Commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, Reflecting upon our Political Present

Join us on November 9th! Information and Registration here

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The Toronto Conference on Germany: What Do the European Elections Hold in Store for a Continent in Flux?

The proceedings of the 7th Annual Toronto Conference on Germany

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Shaping the Future: Geopolitics and the Middle East

Public Event: Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 3-4:30 PM

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Latest Publications

Die Zukunft ist jetzt

Nach Corona droht der Rückfall in die Sparpolitik. Das Beispiel Kanada zeigt, wie wichtig es ist, dass Progressive für die Menschen kämpfen.

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8. Mai: Wir verdanken den USA viel

von Knut Dethlefsen: Am 8. Mai 1945 endete nicht nur der Zweite Weltkrieg in Europa. Es begann auch eine enge Partnerschaft zwischen Deutschland und...

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Biden statt Bernie: Die US Demokraten nehmen Kurs auf den Wahlsieg

Von Knut Dethlefsen. Bernie Sanders hat sich aus dem Präsidentschaftsrennen zurückgezogen. Die Chancen der US Demokraten auf einen Wahlsieg gegen...

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