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Willy Brandt:International cooperation is far too important to be left to governments alone.
Spotlight USA and Canada
Publication series perspective USA and Canada


90 Years Ebert Foundation
A Panel and Reception with
MP Rolf Muetzenich and Rep. Russ Carnahan

Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 5pm @ The Ger-Am Heritage Museum

Int'l Policy Analysi
The Russian Crisis and its Fallout
by Katharina Gröne u. Felix Hett (eds.)

Event Audio Podcast    Event Summary
The US role in Israel-Turkey relations
Organized in cooperation with MITVIM and GPoT

Event Livestream
Lunch Discussion on TTIP with Reiner Hoffmann (DGB) and Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO)
Organized in cooperation with the GMF

»Euromaidan« – One Year On
Balance Sheet on an Epochal Ukrainian Year

by Stephan Meuser

The EU and the East in 2030 - Four Scenarios for Relations between the EU, the Russian Federation, and the Common Neighbourhood
by the Scenario Group EU+East 2030

Das amerikanische Ur-Paradox: Warum in den USA der Staat immer der Buhmann ist
von Marcia Pally

Arctic Issues Top World Policy Agenda
Based on a discussion with former VP Al Gore

US-Kongresswahlen: Das Rennen ums Weiße Haus hat gestern begonnen
von Michael Meier

Freihandel: Ein Zwischenruf zu CETA aus Kanada
von MP Don Davies

What is wrong with TTIP?
by Michael Shank