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Willy Brandt:International cooperation is far too important to be left to governments alone.
Spotlight USA and Canada
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FES in Washington

  • Supporting ideas and basic values of social democracy.
  • Linking German/European and US/Canadian discourses.
  • Facilitating a "trialogue" between partners from Europe, USA/Canada, and other regions such as Middle East, to develop ideas for common challenges.


THURSDAY 12pm: Iranian Nuclear Talks and Regional Arms Control
Luncheon Panel with Experts from the Middle East Region

TUESDAY, 6pm: Award Winning Film and Reception: THE ARYANS
by filmmaker Mo Asumang - JUST WON BEST DOCUMENTARY in April 2014

Mr. President: To Reduce Inequality, Good Job Creation Is a Must
by Sabina Dewan and Gregory Randolph, JustJobs Network

NSA-Skandal: "Obamas Reaktion ist ein Auftakt, nicht das letzte Wort!"
by Pia Bungarten

Restoring Shared Prosperity - A Policy Agenda from Leading Keynesian Economists
edited by Thomas I. Palley and Gustav A. Horn

A Transatlantic Earthquake in the Wake of the NSA Revelations
by Pia Bungarten

FES Perspective [English]  [Deutsch]
A Progressive Growth Strategy for the USA
Josh Bivens and Hilary Wething

US-Shutdown: Warum alles noch schlimmer kommen könnte
by Pia Bungarten

FES Perspective [English]  [Deutsch]
The threat of terrorism is ebbing, but US counterterrorism policies are not
Garrett M. Graff

A Long Overdue Signal to Europe's Youth: Opportunities and Obstacles to Implementation of the European Youth Guarantee

Politische Reaktionen auf die NSA-Enthüllungen in den USA
by Pia Bungarten

Just Jobs Conference
Working Toward Shared Prosperity Through Just Jobs: 6 Points of Action
by Sabina Dewan

Updating the EU's Energy and Climate Policy
Severin Fischer/Oliver Geden

FES IPA [English]  [Deutsch]
Free Trade with Asia and the EU
Sabine Muscat

The State of the European Union
Published by FES and Fundación Alternativas

Speech Video or Text
Germany, Europe and the Future of Transatlantic Relations
by Frank-Walter Steinmeier

A Marshall Plan for Europe
Proposal by the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB)

FES International Policy Analysis
Social Democracy Monitor
Social Democratic Parties in the EU - Interactive Web Graphic