2016 Toronto Conference on Germany

Leadership under Pressure | March 11, 2016

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MP Elizabeth May (Canada)

MP Hélène Laverdière (Canada)

MP Peer Steinbrück (Germany)

Dr. Sabrina Schulz, E3G (Germany)

Michael Shank, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (USA)


An annual event, this conference examines the state of the union in Germany as well as the relationship between Germany and Canada. The conference is comprised of expert panels that this year will examine: state collapse in the Middle East, refugee policy in Canada and Germany, and climate-change policy. Panelists are German MP Peer Steinbrück, Canadian MPs Elizabeth May and Hélène Laverdière, Michael Shank of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, E3G's Sabrina Schulz and many more.


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Webcasting of the event will be available on March 11, starting at 9am until 3.30pm.



The event is brought to you in partnership with:

  • The Munk School of Global Affairs
  • Joint Initiative in German and European Studies
  • The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Canada


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  • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung @FES_DC
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  • German Embassy @GermanyInCanada


Conference Agenda:

Venue: Munk School of Global Affairs, The Vivian and David Campbell Conference Facility, 1 Devonshire Place, Toronto

Chair: Randall Hansen, University of Toronto


09:00 – 09:15

Welcome – Stephen J. Toope, Munk School of Global Affairs; Jörn Rosenberg, German Embassy; Michael Meier, Friedrich Ebert Foundation


09:15 – 10:00         

Peer Steinbrück, Member of the German Bundestag, "Germany's Role in and with Europe" - Keynote


10:00 – 11:15          

Coping with Eternal Conflict: German & Canadian Perspectives on the Middle East

  • Peer Steinbrück, Member of the German Bundestag
  • Hélène Laverdière, Member of Parliament
  • Rouba Al-Fattal, Impact Policy, Global Policy Consultancy 

Moderator: Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe and Mail 


11:30 – 13:00          

Making Refugee Policy Work: What Can Germany and Canada Learn from Each Other?

  • Johann Saathoff, Member of the German Bundestag
  • Prof. Susan McGrath, York University
  • Victoria Rietig, Migration Policy Institute, Washington

Moderator: Rachel Vincent, Nobel Women’s Initiative


13:45 – 14:00        

Michael Shank, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network -  TED-style Talk Climate Change


14:00 – 15:15          

Leading Climate Change Policy Post-COP XXI 

  • Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament
  • Glen Murray, Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change - TBC
  • Sabrina Schulz, E3G Berlin

Moderator: Michael Shank, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network


15:15 – 15:30          

Closing Remarks – Randall Hansen, University of Toronto 




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